Hair Care by soda

Perhaps this is a pretty unique way. Chemicals from cosmetics, shampoos more or less brings unwanted side effects, and can cause the affected hair. The best way is to use measures of natural hair care in order to avoid all risks that may occur, such as hair loss, dandruff or itchy scalp, damaged hair.
Use fruits, milk or beer not to shampoo or method that many women have applied, because it's a great way to give your hair. Not everyone knows the secret of baking soda shampoo, because this method is quite strange. The essence contained in soda can help you fix damaged hair due to chemical or create many styles.
You can follow extremely simple way, just one cup of baking soda and use it to rinse the hair after shampooing and then use a normal conditioner. Soda removes dirt and smoothing hair, helps hair lighter and smoother.
Curling your hair to use many styling products, you can use baking soda for shampoo to clean these chemicals, creating a clean and healthier hair, become more polished.
Also soda also works to surprise in styling curly hair, keep your hair sticky. Wash your hair and dry hair, then you use sugar-free soda spray to your hair. After 3-4 sprays are squeezed by hand to create waves. To dry, curly hair will naturally still bobbing gently, sexy and beautiful.

Lose weight and look good for anyone restoration work office

We recommend that you have a fat reduction method by adopting a proper eating habits, because so many people gain weight is by eating habits, improper innocent crows. Your habits have been established over time and require a lot of time to adjust. But once your habits are replaced by healthy habits, you will lose belly fat fast, but also lose weight from all over your body. That's what everyone wants.
In addition, you will only lose fat, your muscle mass will remain intact, and it is really effective measures be searched by most people.
Exercise to lose weight fast abdominal
Potatoes are one of the ingredients in each family routine and help you lose weight effectively. Not only create great meals that potatoes can also lose weight effectively. You have to know how to lose weight with potatoes yet? Let's explore okay.
Slimming effect with potatoes
With high protein, high fiber, it helps create a sense of potatoes satiety, and thus control the amount of feed efficiency, avoid weight gain. Also abundant amount of Vitamin C helps increase metabolism, burn increase energy, burn fat fast consumption, help you lose fat, preventing the formation of new fat cells, weight loss is very effective and safety.

The good effect of the beauty with green tea

Green Tea is drink that we should use to support health, in addition to green tea also helps support the beauty. You can use the following ways:
Effective Anti Wrinkle Cream
You should boil a teaspoon of tea with 50ml of water, to braised for 40 minutes, filtered and cooled residue. Use a gauze pad soaked in tea water and spread over the face and neck morning and night before going to bed. In addition to skin effect, this method is especially useful for the skin of middle-aged women are showing signs of aging, incipient formation of wrinkles.
Minimizes pores
You bring all drinking green tea cold (low temperature overnight also) make skin lotions, soaking wet cotton ball then wipe the skin, catechins in tea can be obtained rabbit pores, increase skin elasticity . Helps skin more smooth display
Care for all skin types
For oily skin, you should add a few drops of lemon juice and mix well. This outer skin effects are likely astringent wrinkles and pores on the surface. Very effective for beauty.
To remove wrinkles dry skin, use a solution prepared from 2 teaspoons honey 1 tablespoon water with strong tea, 2 tablespoons rice flour porridge with 1-2 tablespoons of cooled boiled water.

Fat Reduction Exercise Safety First

Losing weight is still the best way to exercise, but exercise How to lose weight effectively and safely? That is the question many are wondering after a probationary period are not effective
There are 3 things you should pay special attention to the start of training.
We should practice how often? 3 to 4 times / week is enough for people with normal health. But if you want to lose weight fast, can and should practice every day for at least 1 day of rest for the body and the body is relaxed.
Each exercise should last as long as both? If you have no health problems, no severe pain, only continuous movement from 20-45 minutes. People who want to lose weight is to exercise more, from 45 to 60 minutes to earn the necessary energy consumption.
Let your body relaxed
One important thing in any exercise program is the intensity of training is that you should start your exercise with feet comfortably. Letters mental rehearsal helps your body healthier.

The energy drink has harmful side effects

Beverage that comes from chemicals can not be confident that the natural water. Besides the effect of alertness, euphoria, emotional wellbeing temporary, tonic water can cause a series of adverse effects to the user.
The energy drink is not healthy food because it does not provide essential nutrients. The energy drink beverages essentially "high-energy" due to the high sugar content. People who drink more energy drinks contain so much sugar that has a good appetite and will eat much more at risk of being obese or pre-diabetes.
The energy drink that contains caffeine. Some call is "Hap" caffeine may lose sleep (caused by caffeine stimulation) or tachycardia (heart rate caffeine) cause discomfort, or increased stomach acid to cause severe bowel. These people should not be entirely energy drinks.
If adenosine and energy drinks have high levels (usually the tonic does not specify an ingredient) can cause harmful side effects such as cardiac arrhythmias, palpitations, flushing, shortness of breath, chest .
For kids, drink plenty of tonic water with absolutely no benefit. Many families have a habit of taking what adults should also try to infant stomach acquainted with the substance should have a few old baby was "enjoying" the water. Consequently, children are not interested in eating the whole like soft drinks, may be missing nutrients, leading to malnutrition.


Books are a product of society , is a tool to accumulate , spreading knowledge from generation to generation . Books contain the cultural and spiritual values ​​( the compositions or compilation ) of the form of social consciousness and different art , is recorded in the forms of different languages ​​( scripts, images , sounds , symbols , ... ) of the different peoples in order to store , accumulate , spread in society .
Book is an open concept , form and change policies also constitute different forms according to the method of processing and replication different , depending on the environment and the development of science and technology in each time.
Books imprint has been used since the Middle Ages
Book came out in a long time and still exists to this day and beyond. But reading will increasingly tend to decrease , the reason :
- Partly because there are so many types of books published / year . Readers sometimes do not know how to read the book , they have more options , but the value they receive can be compared with previous deviations .
- The information they need can be searched on the Internet with ease without having to find places to buy books , then selection of books, ... - Electronic Books ( E -book ) is growing in popularity , pictures of young birds moblie devices , tablets , laptops , ... to surf the pages read E -book and more - > the use of paper books a day also decreased.
Books can be categorized in several ways , such as textbooks , study books , manuals , encyclopedias , science books , economics books , dictionaries , journals , manuscripts , ...

Let's choose safe toys for children

" Toys " - a concept seemed simple , because it is associated with each new birth too early , but turned out to be the world's rich and fascinating . Toys can be involved in creating a foundation for child psychology . With friendly toys , educational , age- appropriate and easy way ... kids will enjoy yourself in it , and inflame the passion and love that word , concern for others than
The good toy , intelligent as the characters from fairy tales , legends . We educate children kindness , fairness . We teach children not to lie , betray . With older children , you should choose the assembly of boats , castles .... the boy chose the hammer stakes , repair kit including screws , nuts, bolts ... The toy like that would teaching them independent living , loving work , help develop the intellectual , creative ability , imagination ... The baby can have fun , learn a natural way without being pressed .
Toys are indispensable for children , but choose a safe toy , suitable for your child is important but parents need to be concerned . It should not be used as a replacement toy of a parent role , but we must be close observation and orientation for your child. The encouragement of parents is to help children love this game and more creative ... Through it , children will learn, grow and form better personality .

How to practice to develop muscles and toned body

The features of reasonable workout routine :

1 . Duration is a reasonable exercise of 45-75 minutes ( 60 minutes is best ) : After 75 minutes , the amount of muscle and burn fat hormones like testosterone that the body produces begins to decrease . So , if the result is the 75 -minute episode will not help you gain more muscle and reduce fat too which also affects the recovery of the body . Although it sounds ridiculous but it's true . The time you should maintain a moderate amount of training .


2 . Vacation time between arrivals set should be maintained at a minimum ( 90 seconds or less ) : Rest between sets not turn helps you to quickly complete the workout but also helps to improve the cardiovascular system very much . In addition, proper rest also helps increase growth hormone levels at the highest level .


3 . Depending on your goals that set up in a number of plays for the 8-15 and 15-25 respectively muscles for physical training for several reasons :


- The amount of blood pumped to the body at the highest level to set the times as above . This is important because blood provides nutrients to help nourish and restore muscle tissue faster .

- The repeated so will avoid injury because you can control your weight lifting numbers .

- It is through the collective views of this increased amount of muscle and fat reduction is high .

(Note: When muscles , I also encourage you to maintain the number of turns in the new 5-8 as this ensures the right amount of power needed to maintain muscle mass gains


4 . Practice to form diverse and alternator: Never ever a collective exercise . If you are an athlete , when doing so , will certainly not increase muscle too . Not to mention that it will be easier for you cause boredom . Is the most appropriate level of training alternating between average from 8-15 turns each exercise set in about 3-4 weeks with 5-8 sets per exercise respectively .

Experience in search of the new school

1 - Know who know me - the difference makes a difference :
We must first determine what you want for a long , passionate and focused to learn that, everything would be much easier if you know what I really want . Sometimes if you answer that you are willing to do all the work , you are a communist , not in man 's market . Employers need people to meet their needs , not necessarily need someone who looks outstanding . Let's find out what they want and they have the desire was appropriate or not , you better forget about other classmates SV time is going , because the high mountains much higher mountains , waves after waves bucket examinations before and this is not age discrimination . Start with small things when it's not big , you rest assured that someone else has experienced the chore as you , the feeling like you are the only thing they had experienced earlier you are 1 - 2 years . If you belittle that " the baby , the contempt , the greater the experience was not like the normal " you are ultimately the one who " masturbate " .
2 - The observant :
If you look you can see the recruitment season of the company 's common in late summer and autumn , because this time the students out east (ie many rows ) , 2nd is the company to strengthen human for production planning last 6 months ( since winter has huge traffic shopping .... thanks noel Tet + ) . Therefore you should apply at this point , if you still pass this time , " E" , then take a look at you . A next issue is sex, this is not simple issues where , many companies prefer to hire men because men do not have maternity leave , not much affected family affair , her husband and children , so they rolled exhaust work better ( if such a work as both men and women are often preferred South ) . Conversely , if the job is clearly your priority Female women have a huge advantage . For the record the gender priorities you should also consider taking advantage of her , maybe it " delicious " because you already have the advantage over one half of the world

The secret to beautiful landscape photography: set 5

1 . Choose the " golden hour " to capture
Many photographers said their experience was never photographed in daylight , but just shooting at dawn and dusk - because that's when the best lighting and landscape come alive .
The now " gold " are considered great for shooting landscapes for a number of reasons , of which reason is noteworthy : light on this period always beautiful golden light and reflections on the picture very sparkling . In addition, this period is also very easy to choose the angle and finding beautiful light reflections of light on the surrounding landscape .
2 . Think of the horizon
This is an old trick but the best . Before you take a photograph landscapes , always consider the horizon in two ways .
- It is not straight ? Although you can edit images directly in the post- processing , but it's best to do it right from the moment you take the picture.
- Place where the horizon - a junction between heaven and earth to express natural horizon is a dividing line in the three photos in principle one third , ie sugar 1/3 of the above or below , do not leave in the middle of the photo. Of course this rule can still break , but unless it brings a very impressive effect , but the principle is always true .

QUESTION - ANSWER hand foot and mouth disease and how to prevent

What is Hand , foot and mouth disease ?
Hand , foot and mouth disease is an acute viral infection , transmitted through the digestive tract , usually seen in young children and can cause large epidemics . Signs of the disease characterized by fever , sore throat , oral mucosal lesions and skin burns mainly in the form of water is common in the palms , soles of the feet , knees , hips . Diseases common in many Asian countries .
HFMD the same as foot and mouth disease in animals ?
No , hand foot and mouth disease is not foot and mouth disease in animals . Foot and mouth disease is caused by a virus, and other pathogens in cattle , sheep , and pigs .
Hand , foot and mouth disease occurred where?
Around the world , hand foot and mouth disease can occur individually or in small outbreak . In the tropics and subtropics , often occurs year-round service .
Hand , foot and mouth epidemic occurs every few years in different regions of the world . In recent years , more epidemics in Asia . The country recorded cases of HFMD high include China , Japan , Hong Kong , Korea , Malaysia , Singapore , Thailand , Taiwan and Vietnam .

How to be safe when shopping online ?

One of the things that the buyer needs to know wisdom when participating in online trading is definitely the sellers information , product information , price, payment method ... But not necessarily with a clear full of information that means you can avoid the risk entirely fooled . The best way you should choose a reputable intermediary , the intermediary will verify all the information for you and ensure successful transactions , or reluctantly case fails, they will be subject to completion full responsibility for your compensation .
Compared with many other Ad pages sellers can sell their products freely published and take responsibility for their products posted on the first page numbering system to provide a guaranteed stall and not guaranteed . The booth is the booth guarantee proven information and this is the unit stands out as an intermediary for the transaction , customers will be fully protected with policies " for people to buy insurance ." in the case of risks , will refund the full amount , the purchaser pays the seller if the goods you buy have distinctly different and not as product quality referrals.

Golden rules for voice or

We often admiring the TV presenter , and radio or the renowned speakers voice said . The main voice has helped them become somewhat famous and more successful . It is undeniable that they have the qualities of voice , however , in addition to congenital problems , each person's voice can fully exercise to become so appealing .

1 . Breathing technique

Normally, when we get will stretch slightly sunken chest and abdomen on . However, to be a bit long and stable abdominal breathing techniques are most effective .

When set , should sit on hard chairs , straight back up . Using both the nose and mouth , took a deep breath in about 6 seconds , then stop for 3 seconds and exhale evenly. Try to adjust slightly as you breathe out stars for stability . Ideally, you should combine the vowels pronounced as " u " , " e " , " o " , "a" , " i " while pushing out slightly .

2 . Said speed adjustment

When it comes too fast , invisible we create a general pressure for the listener . With the massive amount of information to make up their minds not exhaustive . Moreover, if also prone to talking too fast stumbled , slurred or said wrong information and could not handle contrast, when speaking speed will slow speech becomes disjointed , leaving the listener fatigue and malaise .

Therefore , the standard rate for exercise is about 120-150 words / minute . Use a stopwatch to practice reading a short passage and apartments for reasonable time .

The yoga to enhance health

In recent years , yoga has increasingly become common practice methods to help relax and improve health . However, as well as the type of physical activity , you may be injured during practice yoga without the express preparation and manipulation correctly .
Academy of Orthopaedic America has released the following tips to help you reduce the risk of injury during yoga :
- Should consult your doctor before starting exercise program , to ensure that yoga is a perfect fit and safe for you .
- Ensure that the coaches in the yoga room is professional people . Seek the help of the coach in case you have not done a precise position or manipulate certain .
- Let's start and warm-up prior to yoga , to avoid muscle strain and injury .
- Wear clothes suitable for yoga , to avoid obstructing the movement process .
- You should start with the basic yoga exercises . Do not exercise too much , as this can cause your muscles sore during implementation .
- Drink plenty of water , especially if you practice yoga exercises require more energy consumption .

jelly: beauty product for women

Members of the Australian jelly was purified from a special formula to nourish the queen should have a lot of nutrients beneficial to health , human skin . Therefore, products jelly Royal jelly Australia - Nature's King Australia are manufactured to serve the purpose of improving health , beauty skin of his sisters .
Unlike the kind of fresh royal jelly is very difficult to preserve perishable . Australia Royal Jelly Royal Jelly 1450mg content is produced with the complete nutrients as fresh royal jelly but jelly form of capsules of Australia is easy to preserve in time should be used for multiple clients selected .

Effective Language Learning : Creating environments in English :

• Take note of paper write the things around you in English
• Listen to English
• Read the report in English
• Be aware of what you encounter in English ( street fairs ... )
• Thinking in English ( can be difficult )
Join the forum English
Above are some effective ways to learn English but not boring . You refer and apply immediately to improve your English right now do not delay because time waits for no one .



1 . Therapy enhanced immune system - Advanced Techniques to treat genital herpes .
Currently clinics Thanh Tri has successfully cured many cases of patients recurrent genital herpes with enhanced technical immune system . After observing the patient's situation , so far have not found any case slapped . This technique is the trust and appreciation of the patient .
 2 . Consumer Therapy - Preventing relapse , comprehensive treatment of genital herpes .
Difficult points of the treatment of genital herpes is to thoroughly destroy the virus without sequelae after. Clinic we use advanced therapies , effectively destroying the virus hiding in neurological diseases .

Round 1 glamor from routine

The steps are as follows :
- Use your fingers gently rubbed nipple . Then remove from the nipple to the other nipple . Doing so in a certain period of time , as slowly , hurried actions will not bring results .
- Massage around the entire breast . Use your hands to pull the breast and pressed down .
- Twisted breasts clockwise and counter clockwise . Remember not to pull tight breasts .
- Use hands to do all the moves on slowly and carefully .

Products and fight free OTT

One of the topics " hot" today 's youth culture in Vietnam are using smartphones with services OTT ( over-the -top ) ( * ) comes .
This can be said is a major achievement of the technology particularly attractive point of it is to help users enjoy the service free connection ( only need Internet ) . In the context of the Vietnam revolution " in unison corresponding " rate increases 3G , aspects of "free" it becomes a point of visual interest .
For transmission service providers , especially providers of phone service , said it could be a nightmare . The simple reason is that when people can message ( text , sound and images ) and call each other for free , they will not need to send a message service or traditional telephone surcharge.
So , not only in Vietnam but around the world are taking a tough battle between traditional network and supply companies OTT services .
On a global scale , according to estimates by market research firm Ovum , the increase of the free messaging application that the network has lost $ 23 billion in revenue in 2012 , and is forecast this number will increase to 54 billion dollars in 2016.

The secret of getting rich from stock : how to recognize the good company on the stock market

To get to know the company really well on the stock market we need to pay attention to the Dow Jones . This index helps us to calculate the value of the 30 largest stock companies and shareholders in the United States .
On the stock market will have only 5 % of them are really good company . Therefore, be careful with your choices . Please note the following characteristics to identify good companies :
1 . Please buy shares of companies whose sales and net worth are increasing every year .
2 . Prior to buying stocks see people working in that company ( CEO , President , CEO ... ) may purchase shares of the company or not .
3 . You should only buy stocks when the market price is lower than the actual value ( actual value of a stock 's called " book value " , calculated on the difference between the total assets and liabilities , not including interest) .
4 . Only buy when stock trend is on track to go up .

unexpected effects from listening to music

Listen to your favorite music is not only a great way to relax . Music also affects health in many different ways , such as improved sleep , support heart ...
1 . Effective Exercise
According to experts at the Center for Sport and Education , Brunel University , London , England , if listening to music during jogging , exercise intensity will be raised higher than normal . The combination of music with stride during exercise increases the body's stamina up from 10 % to 15 % .

2 . Goodnight
The study results show that if the player Cannada to relax , even when heard in the early morning , you will have the opportunity to sleep better at night .

3 . Defeat Stress
Some research results on Trend magazine in Cognitive Sciences 2013 showed that players take effective measures to minimize stress . Listening to relaxing music - instrumental music with melody slow and gentle rhythm - helped the participants experienced a little anxiety , fatigue and stress .

4 . Calm before surgery
Music is a way to keep your spirit always quiet before going into surgery . The results of the above studies at McGill University showed that music not only reduces stress in healthy people , but also contribute to limit anxiety for patients undergoing surgical preparation . The effects of music even more effective antidepressant drugs prescribed by your doctor .

5 . Coaxing children
Lullaby is considered the ways in which mothers or children apply to help you sleep better . Another study results published in the journal Pediatrics in 2013 found that lullabies can help protect the health of babies born prematurely as protect the heart and lungs . This is also a way to increase the connection between parents with children , help alleviate tensions arising in the process of taking the verse .

6 . Developing skills of young
The social skills play an important role in the development of physical and intellectual young , in the opinion of Dr. Laurel Trainor , director of the Music Academy and the spirit of McMaster , Canada . Music seems to be one of the tools to learn how to integrate children into society .

7 . Choral like yoga
Results 2013 study published in the Journal of Frontier Swedish scientists determine heart rhythms in people who sang in the choir are dancing rhythm . The study emphasizes chorus is really a great way to relax as they help calm the soul similar to yoga . This is very useful for cardiovascular function .

8 . Protection of heart
Singing is not the only way to protect your heart health . Research results published in 2013 in the meeting of the European Association of Cardiovascular shows the function of the endothelium ( an important factor determining the health of the heart ) in patients with coronary artery disease has been improved by listening to music that people love disease .

Detailed guidance on exercise and weight loss reduce belly fat effectively

Action of 1 :
Hand to belt up , eyes straight ahead , the victory stand , bend your right knee up and placed on the soles of the feet in the left leg . Use the left foot pillar , keep posture, foot -forward loop , vertical arrows , breathing steadily . Perform 10 times will help you adjust the pelvic operation and effective slimming tummy okay !
 Action of 2 :
Two hands to hips , eyes looking straight ahead to the right leg , feet raised so toes touch the ground . Next you put foot sideways , legs stretched but toes still touching the ground . Finally you hit the back foot , heel to straighten , bend your toes on the floor . Note breathing regularly , you do 10 times , then switch sides and continue the movement.
Action of 3 :
The standing straight as a pole left foot , right foot hit the back , toes touching the floor , bend your toes . Breathe regularly . Still to hand at the waist , leg buckled down disguised , to the back left leg still , the focus on your toes . You push your body put the foot down , breathe are located . Perform 15 times , then switch sides and continue the movement.
Although , the above simple exercise can help you lose belly fat . However, to achieve optimal performance , you 'll need a lot of time and effort . So , for busy people , these exercises will not be the optimal choice .

Choose tourist season tour

The holidays in proximity , many families wonder calculate travel plans that cost at least in the context of escalating material prices . Especially everyone wants to travel but the cost savings in their abilities .

The travel company also launched full "way" in order to entice customers to fill the summer tour with saving travel packages , cheap tour ... Here are some tips about how to choose a tour or help you a vacation convenient, enjoyable and least expensive .

- From this point , you should have an idea the whole family will travel together where local modes to choose to go , some day go so effective.

Read carefully the promotions that the tourist season tour companies offer . Should call to ask for detailed the conditions attached to , especially the details about accommodation, travel schedule and tour by tour if there are immediate price may look cheaper but 5-10 % after I do not see that these are not saving any money , but the cost to the deficit .
- Regarding diet , should ask carefully and weigh the value of a meal in the tour price , as compared to local prices . As funding will ensure reliable and have a good meal .

International sporting events not to be missed

England Grand Champion Slamd

After 76 years the UK has been a new Grand Slamd championship , which was Murray 's victory at the U.S. Open in 2012. However, the UK remains the most anticipated Wimbledon trophy , one of the four tournaments of the Grand Slam , to be held in London . Murray entered the finals with Djokovic and he wins . A historic victory , ending thirst title on home soil after 77 years of British fans felt ball .

Sidelined since July last year to February this year could come back in the match , very few people think Nadal can return to peak rapidly tennis including players themselves Spaniards . Nadal began playing in the American minor leagues take , and then turn on to success , he has won 10 titles this season , including two Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open and Roland Garros .

Sebastian Vettel set a new record in Formula 1 racetrack

Vettel is Formula 1 racetrack that becomes boring when he was too strong . This season the German racer had a few rounds before the champion for the 4th consecutive F1 championships on the track , this record helped Vettel 's record-breaking compatriot Michael Schumacher to become the youngest racer can F1 champion 4 times in a row ( 26 years old ) .

Battery is strong in the smartphone awaited ideal

With over a billion smartphone users worldwide no big surprise when we saw the big manufacturers are actively racing technology in the wresting market share is becoming increasingly fierce . One of the most recent creations bend screen , the LG G Flex flexible and Samsung Galaxy Round . However, according to feedback , the applicability of such devices is not really high . So aspiring smartphone users in the innovation , creativity and improvement ?
Better Batteries
In the world of mobile devices , the battery life issue is not enough to meet the needs of users is probably one of the issues that received the most complaints . Accordingly , although scientists are working hard to increase the time that users can use the machine between each battery charge is almost the only step still stop at some ... not . You may have to spend a large sum to buy a super- smartphone battery life, but it still does not show how superior than common ground .
In fact, there is now quite a lot of energy inventions impressive , such as graphene supercapacitors can be fully charged in seconds and keep much more energy , but the problem is that these technologies still not ready or too expensive to be applied on the mass market .

Art using body language .

+ Let's start with a smile . A genuine smile is the first step to open the next door , warms the heart while building trust in relationships of respect .
+ Pay attention to non-verbal actions of others will help you improve your communication skills by external meanings of words , all of the gesture signals are broadcast important information . Special gestures and words tracking error can not fit together . The researchers say that the language does not fit with the nonverbal signals , people will ignore the words you say and chichu attention to the nonverbal expression including mood , thoughts and emotions .
+ Understand communication signals accurately and use reasonable signal . In communications , in addition to attention to the gestures and the opposite message , you have to know how to read people 's gestures and their meanings . When you get that experience , you will get to know the other person , getting to know myself and control myself as well as the opposite of non-verbal actions . Always capture signals in groups . A single gesture can refer to many things but there is nothing at all. The overall attitude of a lot more people say is a separate act of them .

Online games with youngsters

Youth dominate the Internet with a speed like ? ? storms sweep . Millions of people on the network every day . In countries that do not have Internet cafes , the home network , the people on the network , but the network of people to work , study , document access , the less the number of people on the network to chat or play the game more .
The explosion of information technology and globalization lead to the negative side , especially for young people .
These young people and young ( because objects on the network to play games most aged 8 to 25 years old , if the family is lax management of children not in control of himself , not arrange a time to learn and reasonably entertaining so easy to be attracted to the fantasy world of the game . reasons they give is :
- Avoiding reality of poor education , examinations are not ? ? , Dissatisfaction with life , depressed , disappointed that life is not as beautiful as in the virtual game .
- Not content with family life or relationship conflicts arising friends ? ?
- Pressure learning so big that they suppressed psychological dare not face life with a positive attitude .

What you should know before getting married

Before getting a driver's license you need to learn how to drive safely , mastering laws to avoid accidents on the road and endanger other people , just like driving a car , before you get married you need to know 4 the following :
1 . Emotional self-regulation
Young children are often angry , crying and maybe even beat him , she , her siblings . However, as adults , in contrast , we are calmer . Also the moment unavoidable but we are angry rethinking things and learn to refrain affects everyone around .
2 . communicating
Need to talk ingenious , subtle , especially when you get in trouble in marriage , know how to listen to the enemy . Complain , do whatever messing up or hurt the opponent will make marriage more deadlock .
3 . Conflict resolution
Spouses are differences , however, find ways to both following the same " path" . Whatever the problem is just as simple as going to the movies last week or until such major issues as housing , money management ... Let's try to solve everything in sight , keep the family happy .
4 . positive
Keep a positive attitude towards their partners such as consent , appreciate his opinion or simply a smile to show her feelings for him. Positive spirit will help both happy .

Financial & Events prominent international political

Politics turbulent world
September , the United States threatened to intervene militarily in Syria , raises the risk of world war and that the global financial market turmoil . Finally , the world breathed a sigh of relief when the Russian - American agreement is reached to force Syria to destroy chemical weapons and conflicts are resolved .
Last November , the people of Thailand to the streets demonstrating for Prime Minister Yingluck to resign , forced to dissolve Parliament . General elections will take place in February next year . Capital flow instability caused fled Thailand .
Edward Snowden - former technical staff of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and have 4 years working for U.S. security agency ( NSA ) - reveals many secret documents about the NSA surveillance program . 35 heads of state had been wiretapping , eavesdropping Merkel for 10 years. This fact significantly affected relations between the countries .
The rise of Bitcoin
Virtual Currency Bitcoin fever worldwide increased 400 % when in November . Initially only cost 0.4 cents , at Bitcoin has cost more than $ 1,000 , or 1 ounce of gold . Last December , Bitcoin prices declined to around 600 USD mark .
The reason is increased demand from China , many places accept payments in Bitcoin and Senate discuss virtual money . Many management agencies as well as economic experts have warned about the risks related to Bitcoin .

Parenting to children's future success

Parents always want their children to be perfect , good stretch and success . Therefore , parents always try to create the best conditions for learning , fun, even with the family also tried every way to be the best school , the best teachers and friends best . But the child would not like to go to school . So how do you love , amorous learning and future success ?
First, we need to do for your child to enjoy school . Teachers have a huge influence to students . But we - those parenting , children need to create the feeling that school is not only mandatory , it is not only educational but also very interesting .
Parents have the most positive impact on their children , not just sit on the bench during the school but also later , when the children have grown . Prep for the part include knowledge , skills are learned from parents .
Parents need praise and encouragement and reasonable when children start to do something to encourage , enhance the child's determination . We need to show them that we love them and can always do that . Tell the child that you are proud of the kids do - it really is one of the most important words for children .

These often make the mistake of cooking techniques - Part 1

Have you ever wondered why the same formula used but not tasty dishes you cook with other people ? The answer lies in the cooking technique is simple but seemingly everyone knows only a small mistake , do not pay attention to , your dish has a " destiny " is completely different . 1 often make the mistake that is :
Cook the pasta in a small pot to save water
Where is wrong ?
The problem lies not in the size of the pot that is in the water used to boil pasta . If too little water in it when Drop noodles , water temperature will immediately be humbled and very slow to reach the boiling point , and pending the return of boiling water , the noodles will settle at the bottom of the pot and clump together , unless you take the time to stay with hand stirring always . In addition, the secretion rate of starch from the noodles while cooking too high compared to the amount of water in the pot of water will be thick , the more likely that the noodles stick together more .
Tips :
Prepare a large pot of water , then wait for the old boiling water to 2 tablespoons salt . According to nutrition experts , noodle broth can be salty sea water equivalent . ( Please note the use of salt to maintain a longer boiling salted water so if burns , serious consequences will be more common boiling water . ) Finally , the pasta in a pot of boiling water , stirring occasionally chopsticks around the pot until pasta is cooked .

Top things to do for good health

To stay healthy , we should start from small things . Because of the seemingly senseless could bring great benefits and good for your health .
Here is something small but it helps to improve your health and good for you .

1 . laugh

Health Benefits : Improves blood flow by 21%

Research at the University of Texas discovered America , see comedy that can make blood vessels dilated fifth , the effect can last up to 24 hours , while watching a movie when a document can cause circuit blood narrowed to 18 % . So we should see things more fun amng suspense .

Experts said the study , to feel happy and laugh a lot , your body will release more chemicals that stimulate nerves , good for your heart and body health .

2 . Take just brushing

Health Benefits : The risk of cancers of the head and neck 400 % reduction

According to the latest findings of EB Cancer Center ( New York ) , the risk of cancer of the head and neck ( particularly cancers of the mouth and throat ) of those with chronic periodontal disease 4 times higher than with the normal group , even those who do not smoke can also rate this .

Regular brushing also helps to prevent dental plaque , gingivitis reduced , thereby reducing the risk of cancers of the head and neck

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