Battery is strong in the smartphone awaited ideal

With over a billion smartphone users worldwide no big surprise when we saw the big manufacturers are actively racing technology in the wresting market share is becoming increasingly fierce . One of the most recent creations bend screen , the LG G Flex flexible and Samsung Galaxy Round . However, according to feedback , the applicability of such devices is not really high . So aspiring smartphone users in the innovation , creativity and improvement ?
Better Batteries
In the world of mobile devices , the battery life issue is not enough to meet the needs of users is probably one of the issues that received the most complaints . Accordingly , although scientists are working hard to increase the time that users can use the machine between each battery charge is almost the only step still stop at some ... not . You may have to spend a large sum to buy a super- smartphone battery life, but it still does not show how superior than common ground .
In fact, there is now quite a lot of energy inventions impressive , such as graphene supercapacitors can be fully charged in seconds and keep much more energy , but the problem is that these technologies still not ready or too expensive to be applied on the mass market .



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