Detailed guidance on exercise and weight loss reduce belly fat effectively

Action of 1 :
Hand to belt up , eyes straight ahead , the victory stand , bend your right knee up and placed on the soles of the feet in the left leg . Use the left foot pillar , keep posture, foot -forward loop , vertical arrows , breathing steadily . Perform 10 times will help you adjust the pelvic operation and effective slimming tummy okay !
 Action of 2 :
Two hands to hips , eyes looking straight ahead to the right leg , feet raised so toes touch the ground . Next you put foot sideways , legs stretched but toes still touching the ground . Finally you hit the back foot , heel to straighten , bend your toes on the floor . Note breathing regularly , you do 10 times , then switch sides and continue the movement.
Action of 3 :
The standing straight as a pole left foot , right foot hit the back , toes touching the floor , bend your toes . Breathe regularly . Still to hand at the waist , leg buckled down disguised , to the back left leg still , the focus on your toes . You push your body put the foot down , breathe are located . Perform 15 times , then switch sides and continue the movement.
Although , the above simple exercise can help you lose belly fat . However, to achieve optimal performance , you 'll need a lot of time and effort . So , for busy people , these exercises will not be the optimal choice .



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