unexpected effects from listening to music

Listen to your favorite music is not only a great way to relax . Music also affects health in many different ways , such as improved sleep , support heart ...
1 . Effective Exercise
According to experts at the Center for Sport and Education , Brunel University , London , England , if listening to music during jogging , exercise intensity will be raised higher than normal . The combination of music with stride during exercise increases the body's stamina up from 10 % to 15 % .

2 . Goodnight
The study results show that if the player Cannada to relax , even when heard in the early morning , you will have the opportunity to sleep better at night .

3 . Defeat Stress
Some research results on Trend magazine in Cognitive Sciences 2013 showed that players take effective measures to minimize stress . Listening to relaxing music - instrumental music with melody slow and gentle rhythm - helped the participants experienced a little anxiety , fatigue and stress .

4 . Calm before surgery
Music is a way to keep your spirit always quiet before going into surgery . The results of the above studies at McGill University showed that music not only reduces stress in healthy people , but also contribute to limit anxiety for patients undergoing surgical preparation . The effects of music even more effective antidepressant drugs prescribed by your doctor .

5 . Coaxing children
Lullaby is considered the ways in which mothers or children apply to help you sleep better . Another study results published in the journal Pediatrics in 2013 found that lullabies can help protect the health of babies born prematurely as protect the heart and lungs . This is also a way to increase the connection between parents with children , help alleviate tensions arising in the process of taking the verse .

6 . Developing skills of young
The social skills play an important role in the development of physical and intellectual young , in the opinion of Dr. Laurel Trainor , director of the Music Academy and the spirit of McMaster , Canada . Music seems to be one of the tools to learn how to integrate children into society .

7 . Choral like yoga
Results 2013 study published in the Journal of Frontier Swedish scientists determine heart rhythms in people who sang in the choir are dancing rhythm . The study emphasizes chorus is really a great way to relax as they help calm the soul similar to yoga . This is very useful for cardiovascular function .

8 . Protection of heart
Singing is not the only way to protect your heart health . Research results published in 2013 in the meeting of the European Association of Cardiovascular shows the function of the endothelium ( an important factor determining the health of the heart ) in patients with coronary artery disease has been improved by listening to music that people love disease .



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