The secret of getting rich from stock : how to recognize the good company on the stock market

To get to know the company really well on the stock market we need to pay attention to the Dow Jones . This index helps us to calculate the value of the 30 largest stock companies and shareholders in the United States .
On the stock market will have only 5 % of them are really good company . Therefore, be careful with your choices . Please note the following characteristics to identify good companies :
1 . Please buy shares of companies whose sales and net worth are increasing every year .
2 . Prior to buying stocks see people working in that company ( CEO , President , CEO ... ) may purchase shares of the company or not .
3 . You should only buy stocks when the market price is lower than the actual value ( actual value of a stock 's called " book value " , calculated on the difference between the total assets and liabilities , not including interest) .
4 . Only buy when stock trend is on track to go up .



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