The yoga to enhance health

In recent years , yoga has increasingly become common practice methods to help relax and improve health . However, as well as the type of physical activity , you may be injured during practice yoga without the express preparation and manipulation correctly .
Academy of Orthopaedic America has released the following tips to help you reduce the risk of injury during yoga :
- Should consult your doctor before starting exercise program , to ensure that yoga is a perfect fit and safe for you .
- Ensure that the coaches in the yoga room is professional people . Seek the help of the coach in case you have not done a precise position or manipulate certain .
- Let's start and warm-up prior to yoga , to avoid muscle strain and injury .
- Wear clothes suitable for yoga , to avoid obstructing the movement process .
- You should start with the basic yoga exercises . Do not exercise too much , as this can cause your muscles sore during implementation .
- Drink plenty of water , especially if you practice yoga exercises require more energy consumption .



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