Golden rules for voice or

We often admiring the TV presenter , and radio or the renowned speakers voice said . The main voice has helped them become somewhat famous and more successful . It is undeniable that they have the qualities of voice , however , in addition to congenital problems , each person's voice can fully exercise to become so appealing .

1 . Breathing technique

Normally, when we get will stretch slightly sunken chest and abdomen on . However, to be a bit long and stable abdominal breathing techniques are most effective .

When set , should sit on hard chairs , straight back up . Using both the nose and mouth , took a deep breath in about 6 seconds , then stop for 3 seconds and exhale evenly. Try to adjust slightly as you breathe out stars for stability . Ideally, you should combine the vowels pronounced as " u " , " e " , " o " , "a" , " i " while pushing out slightly .

2 . Said speed adjustment

When it comes too fast , invisible we create a general pressure for the listener . With the massive amount of information to make up their minds not exhaustive . Moreover, if also prone to talking too fast stumbled , slurred or said wrong information and could not handle contrast, when speaking speed will slow speech becomes disjointed , leaving the listener fatigue and malaise .

Therefore , the standard rate for exercise is about 120-150 words / minute . Use a stopwatch to practice reading a short passage and apartments for reasonable time .



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