How to be safe when shopping online ?

One of the things that the buyer needs to know wisdom when participating in online trading is definitely the sellers information , product information , price, payment method ... But not necessarily with a clear full of information that means you can avoid the risk entirely fooled . The best way you should choose a reputable intermediary , the intermediary will verify all the information for you and ensure successful transactions , or reluctantly case fails, they will be subject to completion full responsibility for your compensation .
Compared with many other Ad pages sellers can sell their products freely published and take responsibility for their products posted on the first page numbering system to provide a guaranteed stall and not guaranteed . The booth is the booth guarantee proven information and this is the unit stands out as an intermediary for the transaction , customers will be fully protected with policies " for people to buy insurance ." in the case of risks , will refund the full amount , the purchaser pays the seller if the goods you buy have distinctly different and not as product quality referrals.



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