The secret to beautiful landscape photography: set 5

1 . Choose the " golden hour " to capture
Many photographers said their experience was never photographed in daylight , but just shooting at dawn and dusk - because that's when the best lighting and landscape come alive .
The now " gold " are considered great for shooting landscapes for a number of reasons , of which reason is noteworthy : light on this period always beautiful golden light and reflections on the picture very sparkling . In addition, this period is also very easy to choose the angle and finding beautiful light reflections of light on the surrounding landscape .
2 . Think of the horizon
This is an old trick but the best . Before you take a photograph landscapes , always consider the horizon in two ways .
- It is not straight ? Although you can edit images directly in the post- processing , but it's best to do it right from the moment you take the picture.
- Place where the horizon - a junction between heaven and earth to express natural horizon is a dividing line in the three photos in principle one third , ie sugar 1/3 of the above or below , do not leave in the middle of the photo. Of course this rule can still break , but unless it brings a very impressive effect , but the principle is always true .



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