Let's choose safe toys for children

" Toys " - a concept seemed simple , because it is associated with each new birth too early , but turned out to be the world's rich and fascinating . Toys can be involved in creating a foundation for child psychology . With friendly toys , educational , age- appropriate and easy way ... kids will enjoy yourself in it , and inflame the passion and love that word , concern for others than
The good toy , intelligent as the characters from fairy tales , legends . We educate children kindness , fairness . We teach children not to lie , betray . With older children , you should choose the assembly of boats , castles .... the boy chose the hammer stakes , repair kit including screws , nuts, bolts ... The toy like that would teaching them independent living , loving work , help develop the intellectual , creative ability , imagination ... The baby can have fun , learn a natural way without being pressed .
Toys are indispensable for children , but choose a safe toy , suitable for your child is important but parents need to be concerned . It should not be used as a replacement toy of a parent role , but we must be close observation and orientation for your child. The encouragement of parents is to help children love this game and more creative ... Through it , children will learn, grow and form better personality .



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