Books are a product of society , is a tool to accumulate , spreading knowledge from generation to generation . Books contain the cultural and spiritual values ​​( the compositions or compilation ) of the form of social consciousness and different art , is recorded in the forms of different languages ​​( scripts, images , sounds , symbols , ... ) of the different peoples in order to store , accumulate , spread in society .
Book is an open concept , form and change policies also constitute different forms according to the method of processing and replication different , depending on the environment and the development of science and technology in each time.
Books imprint has been used since the Middle Ages
Book came out in a long time and still exists to this day and beyond. But reading will increasingly tend to decrease , the reason :
- Partly because there are so many types of books published / year . Readers sometimes do not know how to read the book , they have more options , but the value they receive can be compared with previous deviations .
- The information they need can be searched on the Internet with ease without having to find places to buy books , then selection of books, ... - Electronic Books ( E -book ) is growing in popularity , pictures of young birds moblie devices , tablets , laptops , ... to surf the pages read E -book and more - > the use of paper books a day also decreased.
Books can be categorized in several ways , such as textbooks , study books , manuals , encyclopedias , science books , economics books , dictionaries , journals , manuscripts , ...



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