The energy drink has harmful side effects

Beverage that comes from chemicals can not be confident that the natural water. Besides the effect of alertness, euphoria, emotional wellbeing temporary, tonic water can cause a series of adverse effects to the user.
The energy drink is not healthy food because it does not provide essential nutrients. The energy drink beverages essentially "high-energy" due to the high sugar content. People who drink more energy drinks contain so much sugar that has a good appetite and will eat much more at risk of being obese or pre-diabetes.
The energy drink that contains caffeine. Some call is "Hap" caffeine may lose sleep (caused by caffeine stimulation) or tachycardia (heart rate caffeine) cause discomfort, or increased stomach acid to cause severe bowel. These people should not be entirely energy drinks.
If adenosine and energy drinks have high levels (usually the tonic does not specify an ingredient) can cause harmful side effects such as cardiac arrhythmias, palpitations, flushing, shortness of breath, chest .
For kids, drink plenty of tonic water with absolutely no benefit. Many families have a habit of taking what adults should also try to infant stomach acquainted with the substance should have a few old baby was "enjoying" the water. Consequently, children are not interested in eating the whole like soft drinks, may be missing nutrients, leading to malnutrition.



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