Fat Reduction Exercise Safety First

Losing weight is still the best way to exercise, but exercise How to lose weight effectively and safely? That is the question many are wondering after a probationary period are not effective
There are 3 things you should pay special attention to the start of training.
We should practice how often? 3 to 4 times / week is enough for people with normal health. But if you want to lose weight fast, can and should practice every day for at least 1 day of rest for the body and the body is relaxed.
Each exercise should last as long as both? If you have no health problems, no severe pain, only continuous movement from 20-45 minutes. People who want to lose weight is to exercise more, from 45 to 60 minutes to earn the necessary energy consumption.
Let your body relaxed
One important thing in any exercise program is the intensity of training is that you should start your exercise with feet comfortably. Letters mental rehearsal helps your body healthier.



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