Hair Care by soda

Perhaps this is a pretty unique way. Chemicals from cosmetics, shampoos more or less brings unwanted side effects, and can cause the affected hair. The best way is to use measures of natural hair care in order to avoid all risks that may occur, such as hair loss, dandruff or itchy scalp, damaged hair.
Use fruits, milk or beer not to shampoo or method that many women have applied, because it's a great way to give your hair. Not everyone knows the secret of baking soda shampoo, because this method is quite strange. The essence contained in soda can help you fix damaged hair due to chemical or create many styles.
You can follow extremely simple way, just one cup of baking soda and use it to rinse the hair after shampooing and then use a normal conditioner. Soda removes dirt and smoothing hair, helps hair lighter and smoother.
Curling your hair to use many styling products, you can use baking soda for shampoo to clean these chemicals, creating a clean and healthier hair, become more polished.
Also soda also works to surprise in styling curly hair, keep your hair sticky. Wash your hair and dry hair, then you use sugar-free soda spray to your hair. After 3-4 sprays are squeezed by hand to create waves. To dry, curly hair will naturally still bobbing gently, sexy and beautiful.



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